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Welcome to the ANSTO Institutional Repository.

ANSTO Publications Online is a digital repository for publications authored by ANSTO staff since 2007. The Repository also contains ANSTO Publications, such as Reports and Promotional Material. Publications prior to 2007 will be added progressively.

APO is used around the world. Between April 2010 and July 2018 5,935,138 items have been viewed in APO. During the same period 532,203 searches have been performed on APO. In June 2018 there were 97,419 items viewed in APO, and there were 834 searches. The most used item with 6,599 views, at the time of writing, was Escape of fission products from slurry particles. (Hickman, B. S.) (10238/837). Falling from first to 2nd place is Use of a radioactive tracer (iodine-131) in the investigation of a power station cooling pond at Maitland, N.S.W., which was published in September 1958. (10238/185).

Publishers are reporting researchers are linking direct from the DOI shown in APO to full text articles on the publisher website. Stay tuned for exciting updates on how ANSTO will showcase its publications to the world throughout 2018/19.The APO database is currently being cleaned and validated with many changes. In addition authors are being brought together under one official name to facilitate a single view. New items are being added as part of the validation and clearnup of the database.



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